Alex Polin Executive Search Shares Knowledge and Experience with University Students

On May 16, 2013, Nataliya Zhakina, Partner of Alex Polin, and Nataliya Sichevskaya, Director of Communications, took part in a round-table discussion with students from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.

It is worth noting that students expressed their interest towards the event by actively discussing problems of contemporary society and the practical aspects of building a successful senior manager career. Students were interested in finding answers to such questions as: which values have to be developed by a senior manager to build a successful company, which professional competencies of a manager are most needed on the market today, what are opportunities for developing leadership potential in oneself, and what are the gradual steps of building a successful career as a senior manager. Experts tried to give comprehensive answers to these and other questions by explaining key and special aspects of the contemporary labor market in detail.

Nataliya Zhakina noted that by participating in such events, Alex Polin Executive Search employees set a goal to help students - future senior managers - develop their thinking of successful leaders, who are able to achieve significant results for companies and contribute to the development of our country. "We consider it our duty to share our knowledge and experience with students in an effort to bring up our youth into worthy leaders who will be able to influence society and improve the lives of our citizens."

Nataliya also called the graduates to treat the selection of their future profession and career building consciously. “Choosing a company, you shouldn’t focus your attention only on the material side. Coming from our candidates’ experience, I can tell you that it is much more important to gain satisfaction from what you do and with whom you work. Solely chasing profits will only weaken your internal resources and potential. If you’re wide-eyed with interest and happy, you will certainly succeed. Our colleagues live by this principle - putting into focus an aspiration to improve people’s lives, and considering business as an opportunity for personal development. The book Firms of Endearment lays out this principle of business relationship building in detail. I recommend you read it.”

Nataliya Sichevskaya answered questions about gender inequality in employment, which, to the guests’ surprise, concerned potential applicants. “No need to stir up the situation around the gender issue. Today it is mostly a trendy topic to talk about. However, essentially it just reflects the process of societal evolution, which gradually changes the social roles of women and men. Modern society is concerned with the underrepresentation of women in boards of directors and senior management. However, turning to history, we can track that even in the middle of the last century women couldn’t even work in most countries, much less build a successful career. Therefore, there is no need to perceive gender as a barrier. If you really want to be successful, it’s in your hands. History contains many such examples. Read biographies of famous people and get inspired by their success.”

After the round table had finished, guests continued communication in informal settings. The students gave thanks for the substantial discussion, shared their impressions, and expressed interest in actively studying outside of the university’s wall, realizing that self-development is a solid foundation for achieving professional success.




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