Management Careers and Business Education: Are MBA Graduates in Demand in Ukraine?

On April 25, 2012, the Career Development Center of the International Institute of Business, in cooperation with the Alex Polin Executive Search executive recruitment company, conducted a communication platform on the topic “Career Management and Business Education. Are MBA graduates in demand in Ukraine?”


Alex Polin Executive Search Managing Partner Alexander Polyanchuk, and Partner Nataliya Zhakina, Carlsberg Ukraine HR Business Partner Julia Zabolotnaya, and DHL International Ukraine Head of HR Ruslana Ignatieva appeared as the meeting’s experts.

The meeting’s participants questioned the experts and exchanged points of view on the topic. The practical side of a business education stimulated most of the interest and discussion. The participants were concerned about knowing to what extent an MBA affects an applicant’s income, to what extent a business education increases their chances of getting a top position, and what competencies and skills are crucial requirements for top jobs.

Alexander Polyanchuk answered these and other questions in detail. He emphasized the fact that an MBA degree earned from a leading university is a great complement to one’s existing management experience and a well-constructed managerial career.

Nataliya Zhakina talked about the main aspects that managers need to pay attention to in building a successful career and what personal qualities are most valued by employers today. According to her, the ticket to success is constantly striving for self-development, expansion and broadening of one’s knowledge and skills, which create a solid foundation for professionalism. “It is a system of working on yourself and a pro-active position in life that helps you reach your goal,” said Nataliya.

Also during the meeting, the experts shared their secrets of interviewing, which they use to identify the best candidates. They talked about the most important details, the principles of self-presentation, and at what stage of the negotiations to discuss financial compensation and how best to do it.

After the official communication platform had ended, participants thanked the experts for an interesting and informative discussion, and expressed interest in continuing such thematic meetings.




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