Alex Polin Executive Search Attended the Meeting for HR Directors of Leading Companies Organized by Interpipe

At the end of October 2012, representatives from the leading industrial recruitment and consulting companies in Ukraine and other CIS countries took part in the “OpenUPInterpipe” meeting for HR directors.

Among the invited guests, there were HR directors from such companies as Metinvest Holding, ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih, Poltava GOK, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, and Mriya Agro Holding. Managing Partner Alexander Polyanchuk appeared as the representative for Alex Polin Executive Search.

During the meeting, the guests visited three industrial assets of the company: Interpipe NMPP, Interpipe NIKO TUBE and Interpipe Steel. The participants had the opportunity to see the scale of modern metallurgy, evaluate the high standards of corporate culture, and discuss the most pressing issues of personnel management.

“Creating a comfortable work space, developing a distinctive system of training, and generating non-financial motivation are part of the unique socio-cultural code of Interpipe, whose central focus has been allocated on personnel investment. Implementing this strategy will help create a comfortable psychological climate in the company and optimize the entire process,” stated Nataliya Zvonenko, the Interpipe NIKO TUBE HR Director.

Interestingly, the company's initiative is already bearing its first fruit. This year, Interpipe has won the award “HR Brand Award 2012” in two categories – the project “Development System Employees: Training Center Interpipe NIKO TUBE ‘IQ 267’” took first place, and the project “Attractive Metallurgy – Interpipe NMPP Cultural Code” took second place.

Another no-less remarkable project from Interpipe is a recently established high-tech, electric-furnace steelmaking complex named Interpipe Steel. This is the first metallurgic plant built in Ukraine since its independence. The enterprise builds on modern technology and a completely new corporate culture. High-tech equipment and environmentally friendly innovations by Interpipe Steel will abandon outdated energy-consuming steel production to help reduce natural gas consumption and cut back on emissions into the environment.

It is noteworthy that the opening of Interpipe Steel was also a new starting point in the cultural history of Ukraine, especially for the metallurgical enterprise. World-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson created some amazing pieces of contemporary art, which are integral to the overall concept of the plant. The participants were very impressed by the unique combination of innovative technologies, cultural projects and high environmental standards combined in one metallurgical complex.

“The event was gorgeous. Most of the participants had never been to large factories, so they had no idea about the scale of production. The sight was amazing!” said Alexander Polyanchuk. “It's also nice to know that the new plant is not only a super-modern metallurgical complex creating more jobs, but it also supports the idea of preserving the environment and a concern for future generations. I think this is a milestone in the development of our industry and society in general.”




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