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Revolution of Values ​​has Already Occurred
Marketing Media Review 05/08/2014

Alexander Polyanchuk, Managing Partner of Alex Polin Executive Search, executive search &recruitment company, about what stakeholders expect from the business and what business loses ignoring the values ​​of the revolution occurred. ... >>

Divide et Impera  
Сorrespondent №21 (560), 2013

"The demand for qualified senior managers now is more than ever", says Alexander Polyanchuk, Managing Partner of Alex Polin Executive Search recruitment company, that specialized mainly in recruiting at top and middle management positions. ... >>

CFO as a Tool to Raise Capital for the Company  
Financier, 04/2013

As is known, the CFO is one of the key players in the management of the company. His professionalism and competence have a significant impact on business development. And the overall success of the company depends upon how effectively he will be able to find sources of funding ... >>

Top 7 Risks in a Senior Manager’s Dismissal by His Own Initiative   
Personnel Management, Ukraine №2 (233), 2013

The sudden dismissal of a senior manager by his own initiative is always a surprise. I will highlight, in my opinion, a few the most significant risks. Certainly, they are all connected to each other and influence each other ... >>

Ukrainian HR Summit 2012: Echo of the Event

HR Manager, 11/2012


On September 26-27, 2012, the Alex Polin Executive Search executive recruitment company carried out its special major project, the Ukrainian HR Summit, for the third time. More than 200 HR directors and HR experts had met to discuss the main trends ... >>

Ukrainian HR Summit 2012

Personnel Management, Ukraine № 10 (229), 2012


The event, which had been organized by the Alex Polin Executive Search executive recruitment company, was held on September 26-27, 2012, in Kiev. The Summit started with analytical review of current global HR trends ... >>

Results of Ukrainian HR Summit 2011
Personnel Management, Ukraine № 6 (213), 2011

Discussing current issues of the HR field, expressing an opinion on the controversial issues of personnel management practices, getting feedback from CEOs of leading companies in Ukraine – this is a short list of tasks implemented at the Ukrainian HR Summit 2011, which took place on April 21
... >>

New Thoughts on Main Things: Results of the Ukrainian HR Forum 2010
Personnel Management, Ukraine № 7, 2010

On June 10, 2010, the Parus Business Centre hosted one of the most anticipated in formational events of the HR market, which is called the Ukrainian HR Forum. This event became a meeting place for leading experts 
... >>

Liquidity Crisis Shook Not Only the Entire Financial World, But Turned the Situation of the World Job Markets Upside Down, 10/2008

In investment companies with a large number of staff, as well as in asset management companies, the staff reduction reached 50%
in some cases, the base salary diminished almost ... >>

Rare Pros
Investgazeta № 1, 2008

The leadership shortage of highly professional top managers in Ukraine has come to the investment banking sector. As noted by Alexander Polyanchuk, CEO of Alex Polin Executive Search, an executive recruitment company, today in Ukraine there are no leaders that are able to head ... >>

The Ukrainian recruitment sector: rising demand, falling supply
Business Ukraine, 9/2007

Alexander Polyanchuk of Alex Polin Executive Search, which specializes in executive recruitment, says that the days when only second-tier professionals would consider a career move to Ukraine are now long gone. “Ukrainian companies can offer foreigners competitive salaries including
... >>



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