How we work

Step 1 - Identifying the Position
Our first step is to obtain a detailed understanding of our client's organization and knowledge. We develop an understanding of their current organizational priorities and business climate. We work closely with our client to create a profile of their ideal senior executive, which includes a detailed position description and an analysis of the personal characteristics and attributes necessary for the individual to be successful in the client's corporate environment.

Step 2 - Researching and Sourcing
Once the position requirements are agreed upon, we begin the search process by identifying the appropriate industries and functions in which we expect to locate candidates with the skills and experience to match the position requirements. The search methods we use include our consultant’s professional networks and relationships, direct search, and database search, our systematic research where we constantly monitor career moves of senior executives. The consultants' own ideas come from their knowledge of each sector or function and their experience in executive search. Suitable candidates are contacted and assessed for overall appropriateness and adequacy.

Step 3 - Approaching Candidates
The consultants working on the assignment are very well prepared to present the position in an appropriate way, explaining the details of the position and commenting on the cultural aspects of the client organization. Our consultants are multilingual and come to us with experience in such searches, and often with experience in the industry that they will work.

Step 4 - Prospect Interviewing
Appropriate candidates are interviewed for suitability to match all the requirements of the client.
When interviewing candidates, our consultants avoid long interviews that simply retrace a person's achievements. Instead, consultants focus on specific questions, following our competency-based interviewing. We ask what projects candidates were involved in, what their personal contribution was and what personal results were achieved. Examples from a candidate's past professional record allow consultants to better understand whether each candidate will succeed in the required role and meet the given requirements.

Step 5 - Short list Provision
Once we have identified a short list of the top 3 to 5 candidates, we provide our client with a candidate brief on each prospect. Each candidate we present is motivated to move to the client company and is fully capable of carrying out the position responsibilities in a superior manner. We recommend our client meet up with all chosen candidates.

Step 6 - Final Negotiation and Offer for the Finalist
After a final candidate has been selected, we are available to assist in negotiations and the final offer. We facilitate this sensitive negotiation process. We speak with our client and the candidate to ensure the transition process goes smoothly and that our client is satisfied with the new employee.

Step 7 - Follow-up
After the successful candidate has started the new job, we continue monitoring his progress and take feedback from our client on the acclimatization of the new employee. We ensure the candidate’s successful integration into the client company. We follow up with the candidate and client at regular intervals to check on performance and suitability.



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