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Current market tendencies, largely associated with technological progress and increased informational transparency, lead to significant change in the “rules of the game.” Companies face new challenges, strive to search for the most effective ways to cooperate with their target audiences. The given conditions have significant influence on a company's promotion strategy, building of a sales system, as well as encourage the emergence and rapid development of new marketing trends.

In the current conditions, the expectations towards a marketing director significantly increased and his role in a company becomes more substantial. For the most part, the company’s stability on the market depends namely on his efficiency. On one hand, it is expected that he should implement plans to promote and sell a product, while on the other hand he needs to take the lead role in managing changes, and adapting marketing strategies to constantly changing economic realities.

Despite the fact that a marketing director's competencies, generally, are individual and depend on various factors, including size, field, and the company’s strategy, there are several basic expectations for potential candidates. Among the most needed competencies: a deep understanding of the links between cause-and-effect and the ability to interpret data that is necessary to influence development strategies and receive approval for new projects; the leadership necessary to move marketing initiatives forward; an understanding of the basics of sociology and psychology necessary to influence consumers' choices; and a deep understanding of the industry and the availability of functional expertise.

Marketing and sales function holds a significant place in Alex Polin Executive Search professional expertise. Our proven, long-standing experience and profound understanding of the trends of modern business help us successfully implement various recruitment projects efficiently attracting highly qualified marketing and sales managers for our clients. Immediately reacting to our client’s needs, we promptly and with the highest standard help organizations to carry out the best possible appointments by attracting the most talented executives to their team.



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