Information Technology

Today, informational technology is one of the key instruments of achieving commercial success in business; therefore, companies aspire to actively use the newest technological development for realizing their set tasks. In such conditions, high-class specialists, capable of effectively integrating business and cutting-edge innovational technologies, are in high demand on the market today.

However, there is a critical lack of strong leaders, who would harmonically combine well-developed managerial and professional competencies, within this field. The sphere of informational technologies is quite new for Ukraine; it has not raised managers, who would possess broad practical experience. Due to such specifics of the field, companies aspire to solve their human resource task by retaining qualified specialists they already have, as well as by self-sufficiently raising professionals inside the company.

The continually transforming market of informational technologies requires a lot from managers of IT departments. Firstly, a successful IT director has to possess certain flexibility and innovational thinking. Besides, he should have a deep understanding of the main field of activity for his company and be oriented to provide added value to the business.

Along with constant concentration on operational tasks connected with decreasing spending and increasing efficiency of technological processes, an effective IT director is able to keep his focus on projects that possess high value for the company's strategic development. He thoroughly follows the dynamics of the market, deeply understanding mechanisms of influence that developing technologies and innovative processes have on the tendencies of the field. Relying on observations and research, he effectively realizes qualitative transformations of a company's business processes by implementing cutting-edge innovational technologies that increase business efficiency.

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