Human Resources

Nowadays, such as never before, human resources constitute the foundation of any company’s successful development. Companies, which have succeeded in attracting talented employees, possess a significant competitive advantage. No matter how smooth-running business processes are, it is difficult to achieve outstanding results without talented and engaged team members. Therefore, attraction, retention and development of personnel hold a special place in many leading companies’ system of priorities.

HR director is one of the key figures in the successful solution of such tasks. Largely, the efficient development of the whole company depends on his professionalism and competence, since human capital constitutes one of the most delicate links in an organization and needs a special approach. The HR director’s tasks include creating a favorable organizational culture and supporting a comfortable climate in which the participants of business processes can successfully reach set goals.

Area of responsibility and managerial level are greatly influenced by the place of the HRD in an organizational structure and the range of responsibilities given to him. In certain companies, the HR director is an operations manager completing administrative functions; in others, he is a member of the board and takes part in strategic problem solving. Nowadays though, the requirements for efficient an HR director’s profile evolve more towards business partnership. CEOs more often want to see HRDs in the role of internal consultant and business partner, who not only performs functions specific to HR management, but also associate their activities with the company’s business strategy. The HRD is expected to have a deep understanding of business, a readiness to contribute into the organization’s development and the ability to increase its efficiency.

Searching for HRD is one of the key functional practices of Alex Polin. For nine years, we have been helping our clients both professionally and urgently to attract the most qualified HR professionals capable of introducing significant value to the company. Constantly developing professional expertise, our consultants have accumulated vast experience and have a profound understanding the peculiarities of the HR sphere. We are successfully working with the most complicated positions of our clients, and we conduct searches on international, national and regional levels.

Moreover, realizing its extensive experience, Alex Polin Executive Search is the organizer of one of the most influential events in the HR sphere - Ukrainian HR Summit. The purpose of this event is to gather together in one place with the top representatives of the Human Resources field from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and other regions, and provide participants with the opportunity to exchange professional experience, acquire new practical knowledge and establish new contacts.



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