Financial Officers

A CFO is one of the key figures in a company’s management. His professionalism and competence influence business development significantly. How effective he is going to handle finances determines the success of the whole organization. Therefore, many owners come to the conclusion that selecting the most appropriate candidate for the CFO position has to be treated with a special thoroughness, outlining competences necessary for this specific position in advance. Professionalism constitutes the foundation of a CFO’s key competences. His professional competence is measured by the quantity and quality of completed projects, and, respectively, by practical experience.

Not only should a CFO efficiently perform operational financial management, but should also understand how prearranged decisions are going to influence the future of the company. In order to accomplish this, he has to view the business as a whole and have a good grasp of its internal processes. Having strategic thinking and a deep understanding of the business, a CFO is able to estimate investment projects from a long-term perspective, to see all the possible risks, to review their effectiveness from a strategic position, and to determine how high their profits are going to be as well as how in-demand they will be sought after by investors.

An important quality of a CFO is an ability to implement innovation in the company, as well as an ability to see prerequisites for the necessity of such implementation. It is highly important for him to follow informational trends. A CFO has to be up-to-date with all the tendencies, progressive approaches and cutting-edge technologies. Following innovative approaches, he optimizes the turnover of a company and implements new systems of managerial accounting, which encourage more transparent and effective business management.

Many companies strive to attract a professional, who doesn’t only have an immense functional experience but also longstanding managerial experience, which presupposes that the CFO possesses skills to plan, set operational tasks, motivate employees and control results. Leadership potential is also a necessary quality for a successful CFO. Speaking about interpersonal leadership, it means the ability to create a team of qualified specialists, delegate responsibilities, show communicational flexibility, empathy, and the ability to cooperate and be a team-player.

Financial practice is one of the key functional expertise of Alex Polin Executive Search, which has been measured by its vast experience and client portfolio. Over the years, we have been helping our clients to build strong, effective managerial teams in all economically strategic areas. Alex Polin Executive Search consultants have a wealth experience from successfully completed projects in attracting financial directors and leaders the various functional areas in the financial sphere.

Having successful and longstanding experience, our consultants thoroughly select the most qualified candidates, who possess the full set of competencies necessary for satisfying our clients’ needs. While assessing a selection, we evaluate not only professional but also personal competencies of a candidate, methodically researching his potential and internal motivation in order to receive comprehensive information about the candidate’s appropriateness for the vacancy and the company’s particular corporate culture.

Our consultants maintain permanent contacts with candidates, striving to build long-term and trust-based relationships with each of them. This helps us to follow their career growth, while deeply understanding needs and evaluating their potential.



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