Corporate Communications

Nowadays corporate communications constitute an integral part of a company’s development. Understanding the importance of the reputation factor has completely changed over the last decade. Increased informational openness and the necessity of attracting strategic investors have taught the business community to carefully tend to their business’s reputation and have led to the understanding that target audiences' opinions about a company directly influence the cost of the business.

According to studies, about 70 – 75% of the market cost of successful companies is constituted by their intangible assets, which in particular includes its human resources potential. In given conditions, successful companies constantly invest their funds in building a healthy corporate culture and positive reputation on the market.

Therefore, corporate communications represent a complex approach to forming the ideal image of a company. A company's success, reputational integrity and perspectives of development depend on how effectively a company’s internal and external communications are built and coordinated. Mainly, a company’s communicational integrity helps maintain leading positions on the market, build lasting relationships with business partners, create a positive image, win clients' loyalty, and therefore increase profits and the overall value of the business.

Deeply understanding the tendencies of modern business and peculiarities of positions allows Alex Polin Executive Search consultants to successfully accomplish the most complicated recruitment projects thus helping our clients to attract talented and motivated executives, capable to generate added value to the company. Considering the importance of the communicational aspect for a company’s successful advancement in the market, we thoroughly help our clients to form strong managerial teams in the field of strategic communications.



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