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Over the past several years, companies’ requirements for a Board have increased significantly. According to research presented in the Fortune 1000 Company list, upwards of 60% of senior managers are replaced every two years. Companies want to find the best managers; therefore, changes happen so often and that is precisely why a CEO’s performance evaluations are very important. A Board’s responsibility is to conduct such an evaluation. Besides, it completes one more key function – it takes part in the development and approval of corporate strategy. All these require high levels of professionalism and competence.

Nowadays, attracting a non-executive director is a common practice among most companies. Essentially all market leaders maintain more than 50% non-executive directors. Among them, independent non-executive directors are distinguished by having no personal interest in the given business whatsoever. Their main value is bringing balance to the Board, primarily from the point of view of an independent estimation.

The interest in a Board is growing significantly every year in Ukraine. This tendency is due to a number of objective reasons. With Board implementation, the quality of decisions and the predictability of the business grow significantly. While at the same time dependence on the human factor decreases, the development and implementation of strategy is controlled, “rules of play” appear between business owners and management, and business owners’ time is freed for other projects. Moreover, the absence of a Board in a company does not allow it to reach IPO, and makes for attracting external financial resources more difficult.

Forming a progressive Board is a complicated but crucial task for companies striving to retain leading positions in their segments. Reacting to our client’s needs, Alex Polin Executive Search consultants constantly develop Board practice, while building up and deepening their professional expertise. The gained experience and internal maturity of each consultant allows them to participate efficiently in solving strategic objectives for our clients while selecting high profile senior managers for their Boards.

While thoroughly evaluating a candidate’s profile, we not only pay particular attention to the appropriateness of his professional and personal competencies to requirements declared by our client, but also conduct thorough analysis of their psychological compatibility with other Board members and estimate the potential of their teamwork. Deeply analyzing the specifics of a client’s activity, our consultants are willing to provide qualified consultations on building an effective managerial structure and forming the best possible Board composition for each particular company.

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